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User experience (referred to in the industry as UX) means we design for your customer, not for you. This doesn't mean that we don't listen to what you like and want, it's just that we keep bringing you back round to looking at your website from their point of view. This gets us over the biggest hurdle in web design. It clarifies the messaging and gets the user flow through the site just right. Getting the design right will make or break the site. We don't like breaking things.


Website functionality has come a long way in the last 15 years. They are no longer static, view-only brochures but highly engaging pages, choc full of opportunities for user interaction. Video, search bars, document downloads, forms, email subscription, offer codes, surveys, advertising banners...the list is constantly expanding. Our web developers keep bang up-to-date, and can intuitively integrate an array of functions into your new website.


Every website we produce comes with an easy-to-use content management system, accompanied by full in-depth content management training. We like you to feel confident and empowered to make updates to your website yourself. From refreshing a gallery to adding a new page, you will be able to make major content and image changes effortlessly.


For your business to stand out from the competition it is vital that your business’ branding is unique, recognizable and reflects your company’s personality. Whether you need a new logo or complete web wide branding across all of your social media, our expert graphic designer will work with you to create the perfect style for your branding.


A website is usually 60% images. Don't forget this. Images and illustration is not just there to fill space, they speak about your brand, company ethos and your investment in digital. We work with several freelance photographers to assist clients in getting bespoke commercial shots for their new site. Stock images should be a last resort. Your customer want to see you and know you better. And a good photograph speaks a thousand words after all.


There is one thing online that everyone agrees with - content is king. Great copy should talk to both your customer and to the search engine. We work with several copywriters who can help you set your digital tone of voice and pull out the unique selling points of your business. If a client asked us 'I can only afford one thing, what shall I invest in?', our answer would always be copywriting.

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