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LinkedIn Advertising & Marketing

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

LinkedIn is a hugely powerful platform, particularly for businesses with a B2B audience. At Social Llama, I can create clever strategies that leverage LinkedIn in the best way possible for your business, resulting in brand awareness, clicks, and leads.

LinkedIn is the most effective social network for business marketing and the largest social platform for business professionals.

Boasting over 500 million members, it’s home to a high-quality user base full of business decision-makers, from c-suite executives to company directors. 

For businesses specialising in B2B sales, it represents a huge opportunity to communicate with businesses in need of your services, and raise brand awareness.

Advertising on LinkedIn

Advertising through Linkedin is a powerful way to get your brand message and business offering in front of the right individuals, fast. 

LinkedIn Ads offer a wide range of targeting options, allowing you to serve ads to users in the location, industry or seniority level that’s most important to your business. You can even target by company name, company size, job title, years of experience and qualifications.

This flexibility in audience targeting means you can get your brand message in front of the right people in the right way. You can run everything from brand awareness campaigns aimed at larger audiences to more intricate campaigns email campaigns targeting specific individuals. 

Types of LinkedIn Ads

The types of LinkedIn ads you can run vary and can be used strategically to help you reach your business goals. Different ad types help you to achieve different goals such as generate leads directly, start meaningful conversations with specific people, or promote your brand.

The LinkedIn advertising options are:

  • Lead generation forms – generate leads directly from your posts

  • Text ads – show short text ads in the LinkedIn interface

  • Inmail ads – email people directly (B2B companies have seen up to a 11x better response rate on sponsored InMail campaigns compared with standard email marketing)

  • Sponsored content/post ads – highlight your content, website or landing page in the newsfeed

As with a lot of biddable media, you’ll only pay for LinkedIn paid advertising when someone interacts with your ad. 


Using LinkedIn for Marketing

LinkedIn can be an extremely powerful marketing tool for businesses. It’s a channel that, when used well, can increase your personal and professional credibility and boost your business’ authority.

I can come up with bespoke strategies that help you build your brand positively and gain credibility as a thought leader in your industry.

I can help with everything from creating content specifically for LinkedIn, to helping you improve and refine your business and personal profile’s messaging. 

Linkedin Marketing can also help you improve your business’ recruitment efforts. At Social Llama, I can help you craft a winning LinkedIn presence to help you find the right people for your team.

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