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Black Friday Marketing – What to Do on The Day

The build-up to Black Friday is a busy and important time for online retailers, with preparation being key to a successful streak of sales. Although, whilst having your online presence and marketing initiatives ready, it’s also crucial to get everything set for the day itself. In this article, I am going to round up some of my top tips for your business to add to your Black Friday marketing to do list.

Test Your Adverts and Set an End Date

Preparing your tailored Black Friday advert copy or optimising your product feed will put you in an advantageous PPC position but it’s also worth testing your marketing on the day. Take the time to check over your advertising platform, whether it be Google, Amazon or Facebook and make sure the ads that you want to be shown are performing as they should. In addition to this, ensure there is an end date set so your adverts don’t continue to serve once Black Friday is all over.

Check Your Hosting

Black Friday can generate greater than usual traffic to your website and in some cases, this could cause your website to slow down or worse, crash completely. User experience is an important part of the buying process and to maximise on potential conversions during the Black Friday sales your website performance is key. Give your website particular attention during this time and have a plan in place if the website was to crash or underperform.

Revert Back to Previous Advert Copy

Similarly to setting an end date on specific Black Friday adverts, you also want to ensure that you switch your ad copy back or remove any distinct Black Friday wording. This is particularly important if you plan on including promotions or discount codes specifically for the Black Friday event. Changing keywords back on your adverts will generally help your ads perform better and continue to appear for more relevant searches.

Retarget and Re-engage Previous Visitors

Reach the people that visited your store or added products to their basket and didn’t convert. This is a highly effective use of marketing spend as you have the insight that someone was already interested in what you have to offer. Remarketing helps to convince your target audience to come back and makes it easier for them to complete a purchase.

Provide Effective & Speedy Support

The time you take to respond to a customer query impacts both potential sales and the users experience of dealing with your business. On a day where traffic is expected to be higher and there are more users with possible queries, be on hand to deal with requests efficiently and effectively. Consider a live chat function that can be easily managed, make contact information clear or update FAQs to be highly relevant.

Get Ready for Black Friday Marketing Today

With more people shopping online this year, it’s never been more important to ensure your audience can find and engage with your Black Friday offers. We would be more than happy to support you and your business with your Black Friday marketing, whether it be social media marketing, PPC advertising, email campaigns or much more. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out how we can help you get the most out of Black Friday this year.

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