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5 Tips to Drive More Sales with Instagram Checkout

Instagram Checkout is almost guaranteed to help drive more sales for your business, but there are several ways to make this new tool work even harder for your brand.


Here are my top 5 tips for driving sales with Instagram Checkout:

#1: Be Consistent with Product Tags

As with most strategies on Instagram, consistency is key!

Take note of how Rebecca Minkoff adds product tags to almost every post on their Instagram feed:

rebecca minkoff instagram

By consistently adding tags to every Instagram post, your audience will soon connect that they can find product details and shop just by tapping on your posts.

Another great tip is to always include a quick call-to-action in your captions. This will help train your followers to “tap to shop” your posts, and can even be as simple as adding “#taptoshop” like Hatch Collection.

Followers will soon start to see you as a reliable source of shoppable inspiration — and will be ready to shop your posts every time you hit publish!

#2: Share an Exclusive Product Drop on Instagram

A great way to drive more sales with Instagram Checkout is by sharing an exclusive product launch on Instagram. 

SoulCycle has started sharing limited edition product drops that are only available through Instagram, creating a unique offering, especially for their audience. 

Whether a completely exclusive line or just a 24-hour preview, this can be an effective way to create hype around a new product. Plus, it also rewards your community on Instagram — which can be great for building brand trust and loyalty!

#3: Provide Multiple Routes to Shop 

Instagram’s shopping tools are a great way to streamline the route to purchase for your audience, but it’s still a good idea to create as many opportunities as possible to drive conversions for your brand. 

Check out how The Gut Stuff tags products directly in their posts, drives people to the link in their bio, and even adds a call-to-action to drive people to their website.

While fashion giant H&M uses product tags and includes searchable product codes in every caption for their audience to shop.

Keep in mind that Instagram Shopping tools are still relatively new to most users, so covering all the bases is a great way to capture as many sales as possible. 

#4: Partner with Influencers Who Have Access to Shopping from Creators 

In 2019, Instagram launched Shopping from Creators, which allows influencers, artists, and celebrities to add shopping tags to their posts.

For example, influencer Raissa Gerona uses Shopping from Creators to tag Revolve products in her posts.

Her followers can click on the shopping tag and purchase the product, without ever leaving the Instagram app. 

This is a huge advantage for brands looking to drive more sales through influencer marketing on the platform. 

#5: Don’t Forget About Shoppable Instagram Stories Stickers

Our final tip is to regularly add shoppable product stickers to your Instagram Stories. 

Much like tagging a product to an Instagram feed post, product stickers create a direct route for viewers to browse and buy your products from your stories. 

However, Instagram Stories product stickers are often overlooked — which is a missed opportunity for driving sales! 

instagram stories stickers

Optimizing your Instagram profile for shopping is key if you want to start making sales and converting your loyal followers into customers.

And while Instagram Checkout is still being rolled out globally, now’s the time to get ahead of the curve and level-up your Instagram strategy so your business is ready to make quick changes and more sales!

Need help getting set up on Instagram and creating a shop for your business? Get in touch today!

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