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4 changes to improve your social media management

Social Media can be the bane of any marketers existence.  Managing the multitude of channels is as time-consuming as it is frustrating, with so many different audiences at your disposal across several channels, it's hard to know where to start.

That's why I've put together 4 changes you should implement to make your social media management much more smooth sailing and enjoyable, therefore increasing your engagement.

  1. Pick a platform of a mix of platforms.

  2. Pick the right social media tool

  3. Use quality graphics, images and content

  4. Post regularly and consistently 


Facebook is the world's most used social media platform with over 2 billion users and is checked at least once a day by over 50% of users.

Instagram is really popular with young adults and teenagers as it allows you to share ‘picture-perfect’ imagery and its use of hashtags lets you be more visible. Marketing your brand or product in a visually appealing way will allow you to reach a wider audience.

LinkedIn is the largest business social channel with over 467 million users. It is very different from the likes of Facebook and Instagram and is more suited for B2B marketing and reaching out to those in industry and business networking.

Twitter is another popular social platform with, according to HubSpot 5,787 tweets being tweeted every single second. Twitter brings with it character limitations and a short lifespan as a tweet will soon be replaced on your timeline with one  of another large number of tweets.

Other social channels such as Snapchat, Pinterest and YouTube are all important social channels but they very much depend on your product and your audience. They are all much more visually focused than the likes of Twitter and Facebook when the written word is essential.


If you are individually posting each post every day to each separate social channel, there is no doubt you are wasting so much of your valuable time. Why spend hours doing something that can be drafted, planned and scheduled in advance?

Choosing the right social media tool will help you get your time back, it will allow you to track your social posts - see what traffic they may or may not be driving to your site and it allows you to publish across several different channels at the same time from one handy dashboard.

Some other useful aspects of the HubSpot social media posting tool are:

  • Plan and draft your social content

  • Schedule in advance

  • Social Media Reports

  • Track and measure your results

  • Manage all of your social channels on a single dashboard

  • Reply/review to a comment within your dashboard


Always remember it’s quality over quantity. Using social media in your marketing is how you want to reach and engage with potential customers and clients and using poor graphics is not the right way to do it.

Ideally what you want to get from your social content is engagement. You want people to interact and share your content and honestly, no one is going to share a poor piece of creative or some copy with endless typos.

Invest time in taking or creating visual graphics to really capture your brands core messaging and engage and enlighten your audience in a fun and creative way. People will be more willing to share your content for you if it's valuable and quality.


Social media is a great avenue for marketing your business, you can reach a wide range of audiences all around the world. Due to changes in Facebook's algorithm over the years, it has gotten a little harder as everyone who likes your page will not necessarily see all of your posts but it is still something worth doing.

If you pay for Facebook ads you stand a better chance of reaching more people, but if you’re looking for organic reach, posting regularly and consistently will allow your audience to expect something from you every day and if they don’t see it - they might just go looking for it.

Social media can seem like a complex nightmare with so many different platforms, channels and the audiences you need to keep up to date with, but you can take a breath. Social media isn’t just about shifting products, it’s about building your brand presence, it’s about finding your target audience and connecting with them on their chosen platform and getting to know them.

These simple changes will help you reach your target audience and increase your social engagement while giving you some more time to take your well-deserved break.

All of the points listed above I am able to assist you with and make managing your social media stress free!

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