Who Are Packed Lunches?

Co-founded by Matt and Joanna, Packed Lunches are much more than the food on your plate. They aim not only to sustain their customers through nutritionally balanced and delicious food but also help sustain the planet and our communities through socially responsible and eco-friendly practices.

packed lunches meal prep
packed lunches facebook advert

How Did Social Llama Marketing Help?

With both companies based in Exeter, Social Llama and Packed Lunches met up and talked all things marketing. Packed Lunches had been managing their marketing in the background but with both Matt and Jo working full-time, as well as building the Packed Lunches brand, cooking the orders and delivering them. As a result of this, they couldn't give their marketing the attention it deserved.

Social Llama Marketing stepped in to work alongside Packed Lunches and optimise their Facebook advertising campaigns as well as build and manage new ones targeting a range of specific audiences. 

Throughout our time working together Packed Lunches have started their delicious, healthy meals nationwide.