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Get found online with a new website

Have you seen a drop in your website’s traffic or believe it can perform better than it currently is? Perhaps you’re unsure whether you need a new website or can improve your current one?

Ready to kick start your business?


With 7+ years experience working in digital marketing I bring a mix of agency and in house marketing knowledge. Working closely with independent and small/medium size businesses I can help you achieve your business goals and attract new customers.

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Facebook advertising is extremely effective for local businesses, allowing you to target specific demographics, interests or locations. I can work with you to create effective marketing campaigns tailored to you and your businesses goals.

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With over 800 million monthly active users, 60% of whom are under 30. Instagram is a massive platform for connecting with new and existing audiences. Using powerful imagery and video can really help you build your brand.

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Advertising on Twitter is a fantastic way to increase brand awareness and to communicate campaign messages. Twitters targeting options allow you to really communicate with the people you want to.

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LinkedIn is the world's largest business stage. LinkedIn advertising is a fantastic way to increase brand awareness and create leads for B2B businesses.

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Youtube is a very cost effective medium to grow your business and reach a massive audience. Show your company's personality and really engage your audience.

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Want to make sure you're reaping the benefits of social media but don't have time? I can manage your social media for you and make sure your posts are engaging your audience and growing your brand.

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It's Projected There Will be 15 Million UK TikTok Users in 2025. TikTok statistics show the app's popularity is projected to steadily increase over the next few years. It's the perfect platform to give your brand a personality and connect with your audience.

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Ranking on Google isn’t as easy as it once was. An always changing and evolving algorithm, increased competition and SERP features mean what you were once doing probably isn’t working today. 


I live in the city of Exeter in Devon. Located in Cranbrook close to the River Exe and close to the south coast. 
Having moved down from North Devon being close to the beach was essential to me. 
I do all of my work remotely but am only a quick phone call away if something comes up.

However, if you’re nearby then we can always grab a coffee and chat through your requirements.

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